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Revolutionising access to space

We have re-imagined small spacecraft engineering. Binar is a highly integrated platform leveraging commodity electronics manufacturing.

An entire spacecraft on a single circuit board

Cost-effective manufacturing, rapid iterative prototyping, and far greater payload capacity.

Other 1U Cubesats

Bus size

Payload capacity

Binar 1U Cubesat

Bus size

Payload capacity

100% designed and built in Western Australia

The 0.25U Binar Bus is entirely designed and built by Curtin University student and staff engineers. It represents a cost effective sovereign capability for Australian universities, industry and defence.

Bus image layer-1
Bus image layer-2
Bus image layer-3
Bus image layer-4
Bus image layer-5
Bus image layer-6
Bus image layer-7
Bus image layer-8
Binar bus
100% integrated 8 layer PCB
Attitude Control System
Power Supply
Payload 0.25U Bus
Intro banner image

Australia’s cubesat solution

“With four Binar spacecraft contracted to launch in the next year, including Australia’s first satellite constellation, Fugro is excited to partner with Curtin University to support operations of the Binar Space Program through its SpAARC facility. We see the Binar technology platform delivering a game changing capability for Australia.”

     – Samuel Forbes, Fugro Australia. Director of the Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC).

Unlocking potential for greater payload

1U Enabling cutting edge technology demonstration of WA hardware

3U Elevating new hardened space technologies on a scaled-up platform

6U for larger missions

In collaboration with
trusted partners

The Space Science and Technology Centre is the largest planetary science research group in the Southern Hemisphere, and the formal representative of the Australian planetary science community to NASA. SSTC researchers have science team membership on five current and six previous planetary missions, across NASA, JAXA, and ESA. SSTC engineers have developed deep-space qualified hardware that is currently on the surface of Mars and Titan. Working with industry partners we continue to translate blue-sky innovations into technologies that benefit all Australians.

Accessible technology for
research and education sectors

Our vision is to is to inspire the public and advance industry through space mission science and engineering. We want to enable a fast-fail approach to space R&D in Australia. A cost effective platform allows research partners to focus on payload development, and iterate rapidly to a space-validated solution. We want to see the Binar platform used to power scientific discovery, technological innovation, and training for the next generation of our scientists and engineers. Binar spacecraft will have payload available for student projects, allowing Australia’s future space workforce to fly experiments in space.

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