Binar is made by West Australians, for West Australians.

Whether you’re a scientist, a student, or a space enthusiast, here’s how you can join in.

BinarX School Program


BinarX is a high-school based program that empowers WA students to design and build payloads for low-Earth orbit on board a Binar CubeSat, as supported by the West Australian Government.

Students will communicate with the satellite, operate their payloads using school-based ground stations, and document their journey to connect with the global space community.

Amateur Radio

As part of making space accessible to Western Australians, Binar satellites’ communications with the ground operate on a part of the radio spectrum that anyone can access.

That means anyone with the right equipment can receive data from Binar satellites, and anyone who also has the right licenses can transmit to them.


Spend your summer helping us deliver satellites into orbit! Binar runs a regular internship program for interested students and graduates.

We’re open to students from any university and any discipline – as well as scientists and engineers, we’re looking for interns in law, business & communications as well.